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The Second Home Expo is a guiding tool for all companies involved in the continuously changing second home market. For many years this high-profile exhibition has helped combine supply and demand in the spring and fall season. Consistently positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors proves that Second Home International is an established platform that facilitates efficient and effective business. This exhibition gives you the access to a high-quality target group.

What is the Second Home Expo?

Second Home International is the only exhibition in Belgium and The Netherlands that combines supply and demand together in the national- and international real estate market, for investment and recreational use. The exhibition is the contact moment for real estate agents and developers, specialized in the (inter)national property market and their buyers.

Facts and figures Second Home Expo

  • 75% of visitors earn twice the average income.
  • Average investment is € 267.000,-.
  • 38% of the visitors are planning to buy a property within a year.
  • Visiting the exhibition is the most important channel to orientate for potential buyers.
  • Yearly the welcomes over 26.000 potential buyers.
  • Presenting properties from over 25 countries.
  • 63% buy a second home for holidays
  • 41% buy a second home for rental purposes
  • 38% of the visitors are planning on buying within a year
  • 30% buy a second home for living in permanently
  • 23% buy a second home as an investment

For which businesses is exhibiting at the Second Home Expo a must?

  • Real estate agents with national (recreational) and international properties
  • National- and international real estate developers
  • Senior resident properties
  • Banks and mortgage companies
  • Lawyer offices
  • Airlines
  • National and international investment advisors
  • Federations and interest groups
  • Press and media
  • Property rental organizations
  • Interior and exterior designers