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Looking for new customers, but don't feel like taking out expensive subscriptions or investing in expensive online campaigns?! Unlike many other portal websites, we don't charge subscription fees, but opt ​​for a "no cure no pay" model, where you only pay if there is an activity. The only fixed costs are the placement costs of € 1 per property/per year. In this way we offer an accessible way to advertise your properties in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Unique concept: Pay-per-lead

Online in the Netherlands & Belgium

Extensive statistics

XML connection possible

Extra promotion: Premium & Facebook

Leads in a clear overview

How does it work?

With us you don’t take out an expensive subscription for a number of properties per year. You can add a property for only € 1.- per year. If nothing happens next, there are no costs. You only pay for activities in your account, like traffic to your website, information request or the request for a search query.

These costs are deducted from the budget that you place in your account. In addition, you have the possibility to bring your homes more prominently to the attention. This can be done by making properties “Premium” or sharing them on the Facebook account of Second Home Expo. 


Private home owner?

Second Home Properties is the fastest growing property portal in the Benelux. If you advertise only one property through Second Home for €275, it will be placed online, it will be placed in the Second Home magazine and will be displayed at the exhibition in Belgium and The Netherlands

3 promotional oppurtunities in different countries.


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