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Exhibitors manual edition Second Home Antwerp

Order your furniture

Do you need tabels or chairs or other services for your stand or participation? All product will be delivered at your stand. 

Fill in all information

For your particiaption we require some essential information. Please provide us the correct information in time!

Promote your participation

Do you want to invite customers or prospects to the show? You can invite people very easy with your personal url. 

01. Login to your Second Home account

Welcome as an exhibitor to Second Home Expo! Make sure you first login to your personal Second Home online account to check your company information. This information will be presented to your future buyers. What else can you find here?

  • Company profile page – Please check if all your company information is complete.
  • Online properties – Add your properties manually or through an XML file, so buyers can orientate online before visiting the show.  Information request will automatically be added to your online account. When you register, we will add €100 credits to your account. Your properties will also be presented automatically at our partner websites and the Second Home website in The Netherlands for Dutch buyers. 
  • Participation information – Please check the country/countries listed, your name on the stand (only for standard stand types), number of exhibitor badges needed for your personnel, visitors that have registered through your link and your invitation link (2). 

If you get a request on your property or if a visitor registers through your invitation link, you automatically receive an email alert. This way you can have full control en get in contact as quick as possible. The login email address will also be used to update you with leads and visitor registrations.

Login through this link with your email and password. Forgot your password, just click on the link to reset your password. 

02. Invite relations

Free entry tickets for visitors are unlimited available for all exhibitors. At the promotion page you can download online banners to attach your URL. If relations register through your link, you will automatically receive an update. All registered visitors through your URL can be found on your Second Home account (1) with the option to export these contacts.  

Simply place this banner on your website, social media and your newsletter to announce your presence to your future buyers and relations. Now your participations starts directly, as you can contact these visitors straight away.  Tip, let partners also use this link as registered visitors will go directly into your database on your Second Home account (1).

Optimize your participation and invite your relations starting: 1) 2 months prior to the show (parallel with the start of the visitors promotion campaign), 2) 1 month before the show and 3) 2 weeks before the show. All registered visitors will be neutrally informed through the organization and you can check in your Second Home account if these relations actually visited the show, as we scan all tickets and update the system real time. A succes is never guaranteed, but using all available tools you will get close to it! 

The normal entry price is 15 EUR per person and through online registration 10 EUR per person. Only visitors that register through exhibitors and partners will receive a free entry ticket. 

03. Exhibitors list

All information in the online exhibitors list will automatically be used for the printed visitors catalogue. Make sure to check your company name, website link and listed country (or countries). Changes can be made up to 3 weeks before the start of the show, in order to have the same information in the printed catalogue. Detailed company information on your company profile page and the countries listed can be added or changed by yourself after login on your Second Home account. Please note that it’s your own responsibility to check this on time. If you mark a country, you are obliged to have properties in this country! 

Check the exhibitors list here. 

04. Book your hotel

Book your hotel on time and use the cancellation insurance. This way you don’t take any risk if a show needs to be cancelled for safety reasons.  For the hotel reservation you have the option to stay walking distance from the exhibition outside of Antwerp or book a hotel in the beautiful city center.

  • Or just book through Bookings.com and find all available options. 

05. Order your furniture online

Order all stand decorations online to optimize your participation though the webshop. Avoid a late order fee of 30% and order your products no later than 3 weeks before the show. Optimize your participation with various products like furniture, plants, audio & video, internet (6), etc. All products are available through the webshop link.  All ordered products will be placed on your stand and the rental prices are for the full exhibition period. 

It’s also possible to order (extra) furniture at the show as long as the stock lasts and with a surcharge of 50%. 

06. Internet

Antwerp Expo offers free unlimited free wireless internet. No rights can be derived to this free service. The quality and speed of this WiFi HotSpot connection is highly dependent on the total use and occupancy. For a faster and more stable Internet connection we advise you to order a wired/wireless connection. This is possible in the webshop or directly at sales@citymesh.com.

07. Print materials and storage

We offer you the possibility to order various forms of prints. Click here for examples.

Please take into account that the print files must be delivered on time to guarantee the production. The deadline is 3 weeks prior to the start of the exhibition.

Storage and reinstallation for your future participation at Second Home Expo is possible. Just inform us which materials and we can inform you about the price. 

You can order prints via the webshop. To order a back wall visual for a truss construction, please contact us at info@fairsconsult.com

08. Timetable


  • 08:00 – 19:00 Organisation present at check-in office
  • 08:00 – 19:00 Build-up exhibitors with their own stand structure
  • 15:00 – 19:00 Build-up exhibitors with standard stand structure


  • 08:00 – 18:00 Organisation present at check-in office
  • 08:00 – 11:00 Build-up exhibitors
  • 11:00 – 18:00 Show open for visitors
  • 18:00 – 20:00 Exhibitors drink


  • 09:00 – 20:00 Organisation present at check-in office
  • 09:00 – 11:00 Entry exhibitors
  • 11:00 – 18:00 Show open for visitors
  • 18:00 – 23:00 Break-down all exhibitors (standard stands must be cleared out)


  • 09:00 – 12:00 Organisation present at check-in office
  • 08:00 – 12:00 Break-down exhibitors with their own stand. Not for exhibitors with standard stand structure.

09. Parking

The exhibition will be organized at Antwerp Expo: Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 191,2020 Antwerpen, Belgium. Free parking is available on public roads on Vogelzanglaan, Le Grellelaan and at several car parks in the area (Desguinlei, Beukenlaan, …). Parking for exhibitors is possible next to the hall. 

10. Contact

Please contact us at +32(0)9 274 03 25 or +31(0)30 888 78 77 if you have any questions, or mail us at info@fairsconsult.com. Find all contact information here

11. Check-in

Every exhibitor will receive their badges at check-in in the organization office in the exhibition hall. At the check-in you will also receive build-up construction bracelets, please wear them for security reasons.

Badges will be given after all payments have been done. Final remaining payments can be done at the check-in at the the organization office in the hall. It is only possible to pay cash, debit card or credit card (surcharge of 5% administration and credit card costs). The organization does not accept cheques. All payments have to be made before the start of the show and have to be on the bank account.

You will not receive any information by post at your office. 

12. Exhibitors drink

The exhibitors drink will be organized on Saturday from 18:00 – 20:00. Drinks, music and small food will be provided. All exhibitors and partners are invited.

This way you can meet up with your colleague exhibitors. Need to get introduced? Just contact someone of the organization team. 

13. Restaurant

During the exhibition hours there will be catering available for exhibitors and visitors in the restaurant. 

14. Wine Bar

In the middle of the hall you can find the Second Home Wine Bar. Visitors receive a free wine tasting voucher, in order to taste a wine at the wine bar. 

Interested in ordering wine at our wine partner delivered on your stand? Just send us your preferences at info@fairsconsult.com, so our wine partner can inform you about all options. 


15. BIV - Belgian federations of real estate professionals

Real estate agents selling “properties from somebody else” need to apply for a temporary BIV number. The Second Home organization can guide you through the registration process for the Second Home Expo shows in Belgium.

To start we ask you for 2 documents:

  1. The application document BIV Dutch and French 
  2. A copy of proof of your professional liability insurance. If you don’t have this insurance the Second Home organization can offer you this through AXA *. 
  3. Copy ID
  4. Registration document from your origin country. 

If you have both, please apply directly to the BIV at info@biv.be.

If you would like to apply for the insurance through us, please send the application BIV document and a copy ID to info@fairsconsult.com. After this step, the applicant will receive a confirmation of the insurance coverage and an invoice of € 200. This invoice needs to be paid immediately, as the coverage is only confirmed after payment. 

The applicant declares that the provided information is correct and acknowledges that Fairs Consult cannot be held liable for inaccurate information. More information regarding the BIV is available in Dutch through this link or at www.biv.be.

Please find more information about the temporary BIV number and the application below:

17. Local tips

Enjoy your stay in Antwerp! Hereby some restaurant tips to have dinner, make sure to reserve a table on time. Antwerp Expo is situated 6 km outside of the city centre and can easily be reached by car (15 min).

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