Promotion – Antwerp

Antwerp Expo

Promote your participation online and have more success !

How can you promote your participation?

  1. Place one of the banners below on your:
    • E-mail signature
    • Newsletter
    • Website
  2. Link the banner to your personal URL.
  3. Visitors who click on this link can register online for a free entry ticket and print their tickets immediately. A copy of this ticket will also be mailed to the visitor.

What are the benefits for exhibitors? 

  1. Registered visitors can be reminded of their registration and exhibition visit. This can be done through the organization and through the concerning exhibitor.
  2. A copy of every registration will automatically be send to the exhibitor. This contact can immediately be picked up by the exhibitor as a possible new lead.
  3. After the show all exhibitors receive an overview of all registered persons including their show date (if visited), that have registered through their personal link.

Choose one of the banners below (different sizes and languages). Use your right mouse click/button and choose “save image”.

Dutch banners