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Advertise your properties and projects with us!

Looking for new customers, but don’t feel like taking out expensive subscriptions or investing in expensive online campaigns? Unlike many other portal websites, we don’t charge subscription fees, but opt ​​for a “no cure no pay” model, where you only pay when you receive leads. This way, we offer an accessible way to advertise your properties in the Netherlands and in Belgium!

No cure no pay

Only pay per request

No monthly subscriptions, no obligations, no set-up fee, only a pay per lead model

Fixed price per lead

Only pay €35 per lead.

The minimum credits to add to a new account is € 350,- = 10 guaranteed leads. 

Monthly over 50.000 visitors

Maximum reach Benelux market

Your properties will be presented on all Second Home websites and partner websites.

For individual properties promotion

Promotion packages properties


  • 10 leads
  • Profile page
  • Properties in newsletters
  • Cost per lead € 35,-

€ 350,-


  • 20 leads
  • Profile page
  • Properties in newsletters
  • Cost per lead € 30,-

€ 600,- *


  • 40 leads
  • Profile page
  • Properties in newsletters
  • Cost per lead € 27,50

€ 1.100,- *


  • 100 leads
  • Profile page
  • Properties in newsletters
  • Cost per lead € 25,-

€ 2.500,- *


Promotion new build projects and all related services


  • 50.000 impressions
  • Banner property listing page
  • Banner country info page
  • Banner seminar info page
  • Only in combination with other promotion packages
  • 2 bannersizes
    300-250px / 728-90px

€ 395,- *


  • Individual landing page
  • Name in company list
  • Profile page
  • Newsletter item (2x)
  • Social media post (2x)
  • 50.000 banner impressions
  • Banner in newsletter

€ 1.495,- *


  • 30 leads
  • Project page
  • Profile page
  • Project in newsletter
  • Social media post
  • Receive 20% discount in combination with package silver or gold

€ 1.495,- *


  • 30 leads
  • Project page
  • Profile page
  • Project in newsletter
  • Social media post
  • 75.000 banner impressions
  • Video on location

€ 4.499,- *

* Prices are only for exhibitors of the Second Home exhibitions, non-exhibitors pay a surcharge of 10%. If your account runs out of credits, you automatically receive a “low on credits” warning. After 48h you will automatically receive an invoice for the same promotion package, to keep access to all enquiries. You can cancel your property promotion any time, and advertising is without obligations

* Promotion packages will be invoiced in advance, credits are deposited directly into the account and are valid indefinitely. Credits will not be refunded and the minimum budget to add to your account is € 350,-.

* For extra promotion, it’s also possible to make a property premium and to promote the property through the social channels of Second Home. All property requests will be send to you directly and will be saved in your Second Home account.



No subscription and pay per lead

No startup costs, no subscription, no obligations, only a pay per lead model. Simply add your properties through an XML or manually. The costs per lead is €35, which can be used by adding credits online in advance. This with a minimum budget of €350 = 10 guaranteed leads. 

Your properties on 6 domains

Besides the website of Second Home in Belgium and The Netherlands, we also promote your properties through partner websites in order to generate as many leads as possible. This way you can you reach monthly over 50.000 future buyers. 


Your properties in our newsletters

Future buyers in the Second Home databases receive a personal newsletter every other week with a property selection that matches their interest. This mailing is automatically generated and properties can change for every single subscriber. Second Home presents exactly where they are looking for!